Profile of Rainald Manthe

Rainald Manthe is a sociologist and writer. His book „Democracy lacks encounter (Demokratie fehlt Begegnung)“ was published by transcript publishing in 2024. He studied in Duisburg-Essen and Bielefeld and completed his PhD in Lucerne on the role of transnational meetings of social movements – the World Social Forums. He has spent time abroad in St. Petersburg, Chicago and Paris.

At the Berlin think tank Zentrum Liberale Moderne, he built up the programme area „Liberal Democracy“ and led it until 2023. Rainald Manthe writes regularly on the development and challenges of democracy. Other books: „Why do social movements meet?“ (2020, transcript) and „Update liberalism“ (ed. 2022 with Ralf Fücks). Since 2024 he has been a member of the board of the donor-funded Stiftung Bildung.

His books are translated into English and Polish. His working languages are German and English.

Recent english publications

Update Liberalism. Liberal answers to the Challenges of our Time (ed. with Ralf Fuecks). Transcript Publishing 2023.

Everyday meeting spaces as infrastructures for democracy. In: Global Solutions Journal, May 2023.

Towards a Basic Income for Lifel­ong Lear­ning. How to realize Secu­rity in Times of Rapid Change. Global Solu­ti­ons Journal 8/​2022.